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Do you always ask yourself – “why am I always tired?”

Do you often wonder how to get better sleep? Do you desire ways to cure your insomnia or just need to have a good nights sleep? Have you wondered if there’s an online option? It’s time to focus on you and learn how to sleep better. Supersomnia can help. Sleep consultation can help you attain your sleep goals and help you feel more rested.

Supersomnia is excited to offer you a Telemedicine Option.

Telemedicine is the use of online video technology to provide real-time healthcare to patients remotely. With telemedicine, we can meet from home, office, while traveling – basically any place with an web connection.

Why Online?

  • Meet in the comfort of your home or anywhere (with internet access)
  • Little or no waiting times
  • No transportation issues
  • Eliminate child care conflicts

How does it work?
Schedule an online (telemedicine) consultation with our sleep physicians before or after your sleep test. Payment in full must be made before the consultation begins. Click on the button below to schedule your session.

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Click on the image below to download a PDF document to learn how to connect online with Supersomnia for your scheduled appointment.

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If your internet connection makes telemedicine a challenge, you can always contact us by email too. Simply use the form below and we’ll get back to you!