NOX T3 Rental Kit

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Available to Michigan, Texas, & Tennessee Residents

Gold Standard for sleep apnea detection …and so much more

The NOX-T3 home sleep testing (HST) RENTAL device is designed to help patients get their study done right the first night.

The Rental Rate includes a separate $200 device deposit which will be refunded once the device is returned in good working order (see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION tab below for more details).

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Now Available to All Michigan, Texas & Tennessee Residents

By introducing the Nox T3 Portable Sleep System, Nox Medical has created a breakthrough in the portable sleep diagnostics market.

Behind the revolutionary design of Nox T3 are decades of clinical and engineering excellence. The Nox T3 was designed from a clean slate, using the latest and most sophisticated technology available. With innovative thinking, knowledge, experience and input from world leading physicians, Nox Medical has created the next generation of sleep diagnostic systems.

With thousands of Nox T3 in use worldwide, the system has quickly earned an excellent reputation. The Nox T3 has become the preferred choice of the largest home sleep testing companies in the world. Through its simple, small and elegant design this wireless sleep device will provide a uniquely positive experience for both the patient and clinician. Accompanying the device is the fully-fledged Noxturnal software, offering automatic analysis to assist clinicians, manual scoring and reporting.


  • Simplified patient hook-up through ergonomic design
  • Reduced time for patient training and hook-up
  • With more ergonomic design the risk of failed recording is reduced dramatically
  • Wireless sensors enhance the patients’ comfort and do not restrain movements during the night
  • Clinical quality is a key element of the Nox T3 so medical professionals can identify the right treatment paths for their patients

This video from the manufacturer will assist in getting you set up.

Additional information

Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 3.11 × 2.48 × 0.83 in
Rental Terms

The sleep diagnostics devices we use are sophisticated and expensive pieces of equipment. Therefore, we will need to keep your credit card information on file until the device has been returned to us and verified by our team to be in proper working order. Should the device become non-functional due to normal use, you will not incur any additional charges. However, should the device not be returned to us or returned broken or damaged due to improper use, you will be charged for repair or replacement as deemed appropriate by Supersomnia, LLC. The replacement cost of the device is $4,000.

To read the full Home Sleep Test Terms and Conditions go to: /home-sleep-test-terms-conditions/

The high demand for our home sleep testing services has created a backlog. Other customers, such as yourself, are depending on us for critical answers about their health. Supersomnia, LLC reserves the right to charge a fee of $50 for each day that the device is not returned past its due date.


Dimensions: 79 mm W x 63 mm H x 21 mm D (3.11 in W x 2.48 in H x 0.83 in D)

Weight: Approximately 65 grams (2.5 oz.); weight does not include sensors or batteries.

Power Requirements: One 1.5V AA battery during recording; Alkaline primary, nickel-metal hydride rechargeable (NiMH), Lithium

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