Sleep Apnea: A Christmas Story

December 29th, 2017 by Ima Admin

I Hope you had a great Christmas and got to spend time with your close family and friends.

Now the question is how many of you noticed that some of your loved ones were snoring loudly and rocking your house this holiday season in more ways than one? If you are one of them, welcome to the club!

Not too long ago, my father-in-law visited our family and he was definitely rocking my house. In the sleep medicine world, we call it “Heroic Snoring” although nothing can be more villainous. (Hey! We are nice people.)

While talking about his health my wife found out that his blood sugar has been fluctuating a lot recently, and so were the blood pressure numbers. She also noticed that he was only eating milk and bread due to severe heart burn.

After suffering couple of nights, I convinced him to undergo home sleep testing and hooked him up with the sleep testing device the very next night.

His AHI score of 59 (also known as sleep apnea number; meaning sleep apnea events in one hour of sleep) which is way too high on the scale used to determine the extent of apnea in a person.

Without delay, I ordered the CPAP machine for him (of course he paid for the machine! We are nice but not fiscally irresponsible) and the results were mind blowing. After few days of using the CPAP machine he showed a dramatic improvement in his daytime sleepiness due to improvement in the quality of sleep at night. The reflux symptoms improved and he was able to tolerate his meals. His blood sugar numbers improved and he had to cut down on his diabetes medications.

He was so happy that he made his wife and my mother in law undergo sleep test too as she snored. There are many places in the world where people are still not aware of sleep apnea as a reason behind their health conditions.

If you know some one who could benefit from getting tested, please have them order a sleep test on our website and have a rocking new year; snoring free.